Red head cop suspect initially denied lp officer's charge of theft.

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So, when he realized that the woman was not stealing anything, he went over to the thief and requested to see her. However, the police officer's companion was not shy at all, and spoke with the suspect as if he were a true man. He also got a nice handjob from the perverted suspect.When the police officer had been very impressed with the suspect's abilities, he decided to give the minor a good lesson by inviting her to his office. He told that in the absence of the boyfriend, she could not work on the computer and asked the woman to give her the daily bread. The woman was delighted with the offer, and gave the young man a full lunch to make up for the loss of money.The woman even found out about the robbery by herself, though she didn't believe that it was a robbery by the police. She herself, from the look of the young man, put everything on her side and sat on the cop's head

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