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Finding extreme porn online could turn into a really tedious task, right? Most tubes are willing to slap on that “extreme” label on just about every video. We, true fans of this genre, realize that none of the extreme XXX clips from popular porno tubes are actually extreme, they are just fucking lame, that’s what they are. We are trying our best to keep our selection of pornography as extreme as it fucking gets. Here, you’ll get to experience THE REAL DEAL.

As you might come to realize, our collection is not entirely original. We decided to base it off of this other tube that we’re going to mention later. We decided to leave only the freakiest, most brutal videos while weeding out faux-extreme content with light choking or a few slaps here and there. We want our visitors to enjoy only the vilest, most extreme, and most violent fuck scenes across different genres. Speaking of which… let’s talk about the selection of extreme XXX genres that we have on display here.

Slave, Mature, Anal, Amateur, Asian, Rough Sex, Compilation, Gangbang, Midget, Piss…. That’s only the tip of this fucked-up iceberg! We got some of the most polarizing porno genres showcased here because we’re ALL about extreme content. Some of our dear visitors won’t be able to handle, say, GAPE porn videos. Some of the faint-hearted viewers find gape porn clips way too visceral at best and nauseating at worst. We think that unapologetic gape porn should be a mainstay on any extreme tube worth its salt.

Suffice to say, we work our hardest to give you access to only the most brutal XXX clips across all the aforementioned categories (and then some). For example, our hentai videos aren’t going to revolve around romancing, slow/sensual fucking or any of that vanilla shit, our hentai videos are going to feature big-breasted anime girls getting ripped to shreds by huge tentacle dicks. You see what we’re saying here, right? If a video is NOT enough to spur a disgusted reaction from vanilla porn fans, it’s NOT good enough to be featured on this website right here.

Speaking of not being good enough, let’s just admit it – yeah, we based our selection of porn on ExtremeTube.rocks. We did spend lord-knows-how-many hours trying to make something out of their vanilla-fied assortment of “extreme” content. We made sure to only leave the most brutal XXX clips, as mentioned before. We weeded out all the lame content and now you have access to one of the most unrepentantly brutal collections of pornography. You know you need that in your life!

Moving on – we have an important distinction to make. There are many amateur hardcore sex clips here, but there’s also lots and lots of XXX clips starring some of the most recognizable faces in porn, including Riley Reid, Lisa Ann, Abella Danger, and Elena Koshka. We know that some people only watch porn with real-life sadists and masochists, we know some people hate amateurish XXX clips and only watch big-budget releases with the most popular adult movie actresses… You know what, to each their own – we are just trying to make sure that there’s something for everyone.

Unlike ExtremeTube, we have a fully operational daily updates system that helps us deliver the hottest XXX clips straight to your screen, on a regular basis, with no fail. Seriously, day in and day out, we cherry-pick the hottest pornography across various extreme genres and share the clips with you. Naturally, we make sure that each and every single video is available in full (no trailers, trailers are for pussies) and in the best possible quality. That way, we can make sure that you stay loyal!

Thank you for reading this long, LONG introduction and shank you for choosing our free porno tube for all of your hardcore porn needs. We promise to never disappoint you by trying to pass off some lame mainstream porn clip as ZOMG SO XXXTREME. Enjoy your stay on our porn tube, enjoy our daily updates and lightning-fast HD-quality streaming, the whole nine yards. There’s no other site that can offer you an experience quite as arousing!